Baobab - The tree of life

Baobab - The tree of life
Baobab is an extraordinary African tree. It lives for over a thousand years and reaches up to 25 meters in trunk circumference. Baobab is often called the “upside down tree” as its branches look like roots. It is also known as the tree of life, with good reason. It can provide shelter, clothing, food, and water for the animal and human inhabitants of the African Savannah regions. The cork-like bark and huge stem are fire resistant and are used for making cloth and rope. The leaves are used as condiments and medicines. The fruit, called "monkey bread", is edible, and full of Vitamin C.

The tree can store hundreds of liters of water, which is an adaptation to the harsh drought conditions of its environment. The tree may be tapped in dry periods. Mature trees are usually hollow, providing living space for many animals and humans. Trees are even used as bars, barns, wine and beer shops and more.

The fruit has a velvety shell and is about the size of a coconut, weighing about 1.44 kilograms (3.2 lb). It has a somewhat acidic flavor described as somewhere between grapefruit, pear, and vanilla. Inside are large seeds, coated with powder that has a tangy taste of caramel pear with a hint of grapefruit. This precious natural powder has an array of nutrients.

15 x more Vitamin C than pomegranate.

5 x more potassium than bananas.

3 x mrore antioxidants than blueberries.

3 x more calcium than milk.

High in dietary fibre, especially pectins.

Has all 8 essential amino acids that our body has to obtain from diet.

Baobab pulp can be enjoyed daily, swallowing it with water or sucking it like candy. Baobab Fruit Pulp is among the most nutrient-dense foods in all of creation. A few realize that the leaves are also a very rich vegetable. Many parts of the plant are also used in traditional medicine. In traditional African Medicine, Baobab Fruit Pulp, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and oil are commonly used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Other common names for Baobab include boab, boaboa, bottle tree, the tree of life, the upside-down tree, monkey bread tree, the legendary baobabs, A magical fruit, the extraordinary African tree, The king of trees.